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About us

MCCY was co-founded in 2011 by our Executive Director Michele Wink. Wink has a long history of providing victim services and advocacy at both a community and statewide level. For nearly a decade, Wink worked at the Task Force on Family Violence of Milwaukee as the Director of Education. Wink also worked on a statewide level as the Director of Victim Services with the Department of Justice. 


MCCY is comprised of a myriad of programming, designed to address gaps in services and provide programs to the underserved and impoverished populations in Milwaukee.  MCCY offers advocacy services, supportive and educational groups, creative and art-based groups, life skills-focused groups, and others throughout the year. For up-to-date program options and schedules, please visit our Calendar.  


To get in contact with a staff member or for questions, please call us at (414) 248-3996, or contact us via email at

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